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Having a Website is Still Important – 6 Reasons Why

You’re probably asking yourself why do you need a website if you can use social media and marketplaces to display and sell your products and services, and get in touch with your customers?

Even though that is true, having a website only adds up to your business, and it’s still a powerful selling tool. Other platforms, used along with an awesome business website, can certainly expand your business growth. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a website or revamp your existing one

You have full control over your content

It’s your website, your rules. No limited amount of images, products, or visitors. It’s your online window to the world. You can express yourself and your business in your way. 

You can leverage SEO optimization to get visitor organically, and/or you use paid ads to drive traffic to your website;

You have giveaways and freebies to collect prospects emails;

You can have a page to display links to useful and powerful content on your website and add them to your social media accounts;

You can have a dedicated sales page to show your prospects how awesome your products and/or services are, and why you better than your competition;

You can have pictures galleries and a portfolio page to display your best work;

You can have clients testimonials to gain visitors trust;

You can have a service or packages page underlining all the benefits you can provide to your clients, with all the details, and send directly to a booking page, so they can schedule a call.

You can organize all relevant information in one place

This one is very important. Having a great social media presence is great, but it’s not the best way to display important information to be easily accessed by your clients. A good user experience makes all the difference. 

On your website, you can easily display important contact information, services and packages details, and pricing. You have the power of using Call To Actions in strategic places around your website, and with that higher chances to convert visitors into clients.

All of this information can be organized in a way to make it all easy and fast to find.

You gain credibility and seem trustworthy

You can use your website to cause a great first impression on your visitors. People can see how much effort and investment you put in your business but how good your website looks.

It’s your virtual window to the world, and, many times, the first contact that prospective clients have with your and your business. Here you have a great chance to cause a great first impression.

You can save on fees

Having your website can help you to save a lot in transactions and listing fees. It’s your website, you can list as many products or services you’d like. You have the freedom to take any sort of payment you desire and it’s best for your business.

If you use a credit card gateway you will probably still have to pay some fees, but not the platform fee. For example, most marketplaces have a transaction fee, on top of the payment fee, for every product you sell. Make sales on your website can avoid that extra cost.

You can build your mailing list

Using marketplaces can provide great exposure and a large number of new prospects and clients. However you don’t have control and, sometimes, don’t even have access to those prospects’ contact information. 

Having your mailing list is a great way to keep in touch with prospects and possibly converting them into buying customers. Have a website is still important and effective in getting clients.

You are not a hostage of algorithms changes

Building your whole business on a single platform seems to be a good idea. Until they decide to change their algorithms and you see your following and conversion going downhill. 

Suddenly you don’t have an inflow of new prospects and your sales numbers can suddenly drop from one day to the other with one small algorithm change. That’s where having your website and your contact list can be very important for times where you have to adjust your business for third-party changes.

Having an effective business website is a very powerful tool. Aligned with good use of social media and marketplaces it can advance your business immensely. Having a website is still important, so make sure you choose a platform that is easy to update and always keep it up to date. 

You don’t need to break the bank to have a website. Using a premade template is a great option to have an awesome website on a budget.

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