Best Appointment Scheduling Platforms

Find out what are the Best Appointment Scheduling Platforms for small business owners. Having an automated online booking system not only makes it easier for your clients to schedule a time but can also be a huge time saver for you.

All the platforms also have emails and SMS confirmation and reminders that are sent automatically, so the job is done for you. It allows users to add the event directly on their calendar, and you can also include cancelation rules and fees.

Best Appointment Scheduling Platforms #1

1. Calendly

It’s the platform we use at Thirty Springs, and we love it! It’s super easy to set up and create events. You can connect to Google, Office 365, Outlook, and iCloud calendars.

The Free Plan is ideal if you only offer one type of service, like a free discovery call, for example. The best thing is that you can embed your calendar on any website! You can also send the personalized booking link directly to your client. 

They also offer paid plans starting at U$8/month. With the paid plans you can have multiple event types and also collect payments online. Create an account here.

Best Appointment Scheduling Platforms #2

2. WIX Bookings

If you have a WIX website, they already come with the Business plan. We love working with WIX at Thirty Springs, and we recommend it to most of our clients.

WIX Bookings is easy to use and intuitive. With WIX Bookings, you can have unlimited Services & Classes, multiple Staff Members, Subscriptions & Memberships, SMS Notifications, and more. It’s the perfect option for Coaches, Hair Salons, Yoga Studios, and Spas. More information here.

Best Appointment Scheduling Platforms #3

3. Acuity

Acuity is part of Squarespace, and it’s their default scheduling system. If you have a Squarespace website, it is the best option, but it’s not included in the Squarespace business plans, it needs to be paid separately. The prices start at U$14/month for one staff member. View plans details here.

Best Appointment Scheduling Platforms #4

4. Squareup

We used to have Squareup as our default booking platform at Thirty Springs. It’s a great platform, the only problem was that it would not allow users with international phone numbers to schedule a time, and for this reason, we moved to Calendly.

They have free plans, but they are a little more pricey than the other platforms mentioned above, with plans starting at U$50/month. You can see the details here.

I hope this guide helps you to create an amazing user experience and optimize your time management. If feel like you need extra help, feel free to book a call with us. Check out the services we offer here.


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