Website Customization

1. Communication and Response | 7-day No Response Policy

During the process of working on the design, we will contact you with questions and reviews that require your prompt response. 

The communication is mainly conducted by email, in writing, to ensure all decision-making process is carefully documented. 

If for any reason we do not hear from you for longer than 7 calendar days, the LATEST version of the design will be considered the FINAL DESIGN, and the project is considered terminated and delivered.

2. Custom Design Service

THERE IS NO REFUND for any payments made once the work has started. Please note that in the creative design process, as soon as the order is placed and communication is established, we start working and researching immediately as we receive initial details about the project. 

Once an order is placed, you AGREE to these terms and policies of Thirty Springs and HAVE READ and FULLY UNDERSTAND the entire product description you purchase.

3 - Photography, Assets & Content

Thirty Springs uses royalty-free stock photography on all products. If you wish to use specific images, please purchase the item and send it to us. 

All content and text must be provided by you. Copywriting is not included in any of the packages.

4 - Website Builders, CMS & Plugins

Please note that every Custom Website Package uses WordPress or a Website Builder, and each platform has its own limitations. We do not have control over updates and changes to the platform used to build the website. 

Once the design is finalized or the website is launched, changes might be made to the platform that breaks the website or some features and updates might be needed. 

Maintenance and updates are not included in the packages. Once the work is approved OR the website is launched if any changes/bugs happen 7 days after the project has finalized, we are under no obligation to provide updates/fixes.

5 - Communication & Design Reviews

Communication is mainly made through email. For orders placed through Etsy, communication and all design reviews are made primarily over Etsy messages. Necessary design assets and files can be sent by email (your Etsy account email). 

We provide unlimited reviews until the design is approved, and we expect to receive a reply within 7 calendar days (please refer to the Communication and Response | 7-day No Response Policy).

6 - Delivery, Updates & Maintenance

We are under no obligation to provide updates or fixes after the termination of the project. Any changes or updates after the termination of the project will be charged at an hourly rate. 

If you make changes to the website while we’re still working on it, the project  is considered terminated and delivered.